Lucrative-st Career

Lucrative-estest Career

I started off wanting to declare that the most lucrative career as being a house – wife (provided the world can afford her salary), but a look at the present times reveals a career far more lucrative, risk free, and much more rewarding than a salaried- housewife (and luckily every housewife over qualifies for this job).

Research shows that a housewife earns more than $120,000 per annum in savings for the family. She is a full time cook, nutritionist, cleaner, nanny, driver, teacher, counsellor, and accountant. She is a part time tailor, beautician, laundry woman, and much more. I am not adding sexual partner here, because that role is limited to the husband alone, whereas the house wife is catering to everyone, including the spouse. The other important criteria of this job are that it is not only full time, this job profile has no holidays, and it is an emergency service with no off-clock hours, you cannot catch a break nor grab a quick shut eye in between working hours, lest all hell breaks loose! What makes it worse is that the role is taken for granted by the very people being nurtured, or taken care of, and is resultantly slighted upon by the society at large, and the deserving home maker is awarded a crown (of thorns) of being ‘just a house wife’.

With the disadvantages weighing so heavily against them, this home maker role has become more or less redundant now. Unless the Central Government does not recognize this as a paid service (which it cannot possibly do, unless it is willing to risk bankruptcy) and allocate a decent figure, lowest and highest UGC scale; with HRA; PF, PPF and other incentives, this job profile is on the brink of extinction in India too. It is extinct in the developed countries, they, very intelligently, emulate the Rig Veda (Indian Scriptures) which says, “Both men and women support each other and meet half way… Man works outside, woman works at home. Or both work outside and at home. At the end of the day, they share, respect and encourage each other’s dreams, ambitions and talents, not just their responsibilities and obligations. For we all have a greater purpose and are given certain talents for a reason. It does not have to interfere with our core duties but rather enhance our quality of giving and nurturing, for we are receiving and feeling nurtured ourselves…”

Mothers are not so happy being mother only, same is the case with home-makers; they want something more. It is not money, per se; (though it does play a very pivotal role) but the tag of being ‘just a house wife’ sounds like an insult, a crown jewel meant for display only; a beauty with no brains. Not a single ‘just a house wife’ ever becomes famous, nor is she known in her own social circle with some respect and regard. Some other vocation has become a must, for the woman to be able to look at herself with self- respect and have a healthy self-esteem. So, with the concurrence that being a house wife is not worth it anymore, I started my research on other viable options of lucrativest-est career!

Shri Gaur Gopal Das Prabhu video clip (I have shared the link) nails it perfectly. He says, “After a 10year service a teacher saves probably a Lakh; a software engineer (40 -50 Lakhs), a politician (with all the scams, and black money put together – 30-40 crores) and a religious leader earns (10 year saving 238 crores only…4000 crores only) …choose your career carefully baba!”I think you all get the drift of what I am trying to say and which career choice I am about to make my own.

So, the safest surest road to fame, wealth and unprecedented respect is: Spiritual Speaker. But with the deluge of gurus today, people are shying away from them; differentiating the pseudo poser from the indigenous saint is a tricky business. So, how am I different from the others? I definitely will not wear the saffron robes, but I can explain why I will not wear them, or why I think I am not qualified enough to wear saffron robes. I don’t think any of the present day spiritual gurus has explained the true significance of that colour and the reason why sanyasis wear that colour.

Those robes instantaneously command respect, and place the person on a pedestal. Swami Ram Teerth says, “So this red colour implies that the man who has worn these clothes has sacrificed his body, has placed his body on the altar of Truth, all the worldly desires burnt, burnt, burnt. All the worldly hungering and hankering are consigned to flames.”

Swami Vishwananda corroborates and adds, “The significance is that saffron or ochre are the colors of fire. A sannyasin has renounced the world and his sradda ceremony is performed on the day he takes his vows, and it is done in front of him. In many places in India a corpse is covered in ochre or saffron. As a sannyasin is now dead to the world, he wears the colors of a corpse.”

So, I will humbly acknowledge that I have a long road ahead of me, before I can think of myself as a sanyasi. But, I promise to explain these little nuances and raise the spirit of inquiry in my readers. Knowing and following brings a certain dedication and sincerity to our actions. The spirit of enquiry helps us divest ourselves of the needless and become discerning enough to listen to the heart. And, that makes all the difference, right? So, a good deed done, and a good night’s sleep guaranteed for me, and no loss to any of the followers/ readers either; all in all, a win -win for everyone.

The most attractive part about this career is, every woman has the potential to become one. We are inherent counsellors, all we need is little finesse’ and polish, chip off the rough edges and we are at the helm of our affairs. Fame and money, I am sure, will soon come knocking too, what say friends? Lucrativest-est career choice made? – Gaur Gopal Prabhu

and – Jaya Kishori ji