There is a small story which is kind of an ‘etymology of sorts for anxiety’ explaining the origin of anxiety. When the Earth was ruled by pious people no corruption existed and it was always peace, calm and prosperity everywhere. The Gods showered boons and human beings could perform miracles. This made Satan or the Devil unhappy, because he never had anything to do and he felt very sad and lost, losing his ground, importance and identity. He did severe penance, willing God to grant him a boon.

When God appeared and said, ‘Son, I am pleased with your penance. What do you want?

Satan, ‘My Lord, Gods are happy because human beings worship them and they grant all the wishes of these mortals. Human beings also are very happy and are in need of nothing and fear nothing, so I have no role to play and no one thinks of me or wants me! I want o be able to influence these people’s life in some way, God. Give me some thing, even a small boon will be enough for me to be able to get some control over them, I beseech you my Lord.’

Lord thought a fleeting moment and said, ‘Okay, from now on Anxiety is yours. How you use it and what you do with it is your wish, how you wish to rule the world with this little word is your task. I grant you ‘anxiety!’ and saying this Lord smiled and disappeared.’

Anxiety has such a vicious grip over every single human being today and we all know the devil succeeded beyond his own expectations.

From children to adults the whole world is rife with anxiety; if they do over come one anxious moment then another seems to follow soon enough with more vengeance.

Anxiety is like a huge banyan tree giving shelter and branching itself into fear, depression, neurosis, worry to mention a few consequential behavioral problems. The physical side is also caught in the vice like grip of anxiety it causes headaches, migraines, heart attack, blood pressure problems to begin with and faithfully sticks to the host till death do part.  Almost all problems can be traced back to this single word ‘anxiety’.

The little child clutching desperately to the mother’s little finger refusing to let go, ‘separation anxiety’. First day at work or before an interview the ‘butterflies in the stomach’ sensation that we have is again anxiety. Going through a financial crunch and the bills are piling everyday leading up to a severe headache a sense of foreboding fear; another kind of anxiety. Many kinds of anxiety are small time and soon overcome but the repetition of anxious moments in one form or the other throughout our life is inevitable. The present times are such that almost all of us succumb to anxiety sooner or later and graduate to a chronic ailment; few brave ones rise above anxiety and cope with it smilingly.

Let us look at a few things to be able to join the second group of brave warriors who are able to cope with anxiety, what different do they do which gives them this strength?

Medication is the last resort and most avoidable one because medication makes the person lethargic and dependant on medicines; the long term personality change never comes around to a medicine addicted person. Apart for medicines the rest of the steps which can be test run are mentioned below:

Maintain a dairy: This looks like a very irrelevant solution, but in verity, is the most effective one!  Dairy writing gives a moment of peace and quiet with oneself, the only time for true introspection and weighing ones options. Ponder on the key points of life and where it going, within reach or simply slipping from your fingers; all these are answered only when one sits down and put them on a paper. An honestly written dairy is like a mirror image of the heart and conscious online casino of the person.

It is a way of self-monitoring, what the triggers are and what excites the person or what causes tension and anxiety to the person. How often or what state of mind results in what reaction, which company has incurred this resultant emotional state; all of it comes across crystal clear from the dairy. It is the first to knowing oneself better and taking the corrective measures. Ones one starts to flip through the pages of the dairy the pitfalls to be avoided and the attributes to be applauded are visible.

This moment of introspection is a must first step for getting rid of any problem. The issues which are within ones control, the ones which can be alleviated, tempered can be seen and the ones which are beyond ones control also becoming glaringly apparent. The former ones can be acted upon and corrected and for the later the next external help can be resorted to.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: Many who have high stress levels and are totally in the grip of anxiety need to go for consultation, begin with some medication and graduate to behavioral therapy as soon as possible. The therapy aims at developing skills so that the anxiety ridden person is enabled to cope with anxiety. The aim of this therapy is to help change the thinking of the person, from negative or pessimistic, defeating thoughts to optimistic, positive and winning ideas and ways. They are encouraged to challenge their anxieties and are helped to overcome them to be able to get back their confidence levels. Phobias when confronted with and overcome either lose the fear factor or the person gets desensitized to the phobia and is rid of it forever.

The therapy also encourages and gently guides towards a changed lifestyle, less dependence on stimulants and a self reliant way of life.

Eating habits and life style changes:  ‘All work and no play makes one a chronic anxious person’. Much depends on eating habits, what we eat, when and how too! The present times have made breakfast; lunch and dinner a hurried momentary activity combined with some other more important work. This is leaving its adverse affects and affecting all our faculties negatively.  A change in eating habits, what we eat and the attitude towards food is imperative. Exercise, meditation and yoga add to healthy body and healthy mind removing all signs of anxiety forever. These are a must incorporates into our daily lifestyle if we are seeking a permanent solution to overcome or get rid of anxiety altogether.

Let the steam out: One who is following the above three may never face an anxious moment, but in case such a situation does come by where we feel agitated and a feeling of anger begins to simmer; let the steam out! Bottling up feelings leads to ulcers, negative thinking and the whole satanic cycle of anxiety begins. It is very humane to feel anger or irritation or anxious every now and then, walk it off or let it out of the system. Do not allow anger to control or get a grip; different things in different ways give favorable results and we are on our way to leading an anxiety free life for the most part.