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I am a Behavioral counselor and a Psychotherapist by profession;  an online  practitioner on www.proventherapy.com. But inherently I am a seeker, trying to better my self everyday . Not just live but be alive and continue to live even after  death catches up someday. I am an instinctive writer  and enjoy putting down all my experiences and learning’s; which is what this site is all about .

My keen interest is  in bringing about self awareness in children; make them know themselves inside out. So that they can grow up as self assured content and accomplished adults. Thus, most of the articles pertain to children, parenting and women ; they are real life experiences or snippets from my own counseling and motherhood times. 

Secondly, being a good cook; sharing and learning new healthy quick recipes seemed a next spontaneous choice for me.

My husband and I, both are travel freaks. with wheels under our feet ,my family has covered almost the whole length of India, breadth is still pending. So, a small travel diary narrating my experiences and hoping the reader will visit these offbeat yet most charming places in my magnificent country.

The above are my secondary goals and passions ; my primary goal in life is to be able to be like my spiritual guru. Merge with him realize God through him. My life took a turn the day I joined meditation with the SRI RAM CAHNDRA MISSION. I joined the Mission seven years ago and from that day to today I have changed only for the better, a kind of a spiritual birth for me.

I hope you like the articles and feel inspired to follow a few things from these articles. If any one person is helped through these articles I will consider it a humble accomplishment on my part. All the credit goes to my Guru’s blessings and the constant strength I receive from my Mission. you can visit these websites and learn more :



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PS: Any opinion, comment or suggestion ; all  are welcome . Thank you for your support, comments and help.