Dear Readers,

I am re starting my blog after a year long hiatus. Suffice to say I sincerely regret this lapse on my part and will earnestly ensure that this does not happen again.

Too many things kept me pre – occupied, but again, all those are excuses, not worth elaborating upon. I seriously pray that you, my readers have not given up on me and will continue read my upcoming articles.

Apart for being my passion; I pursue writing because of the encouragement I have received from you all in the past. Your comments, suggestions and ideas are always welcome and are a great source of joy to me. They give me hope and a renewal of faith in myself. A small difference to any one reader makes my article a prize winner for me. So please continue to comment, suggest and leave an opinion.

My humble request, Please start reading again; lots is coming up beginning todayJ. My sincere apologies once again and praying for a great time together always…

Love always,


I am completing the unfinished ‘Atma Shatakam’ first ..so, here goes..