Youth of Tomorrow

The age of 15 going on 16 to probably 18 -19 is decidedly the best and the worst phase of life. Some probing will reveal that God made it that way on purpose; the testing years to see who passes with flying colors and who is doomed to life after life till His passing grades can be acquired!  . Life has to be lead in a balanced way is what is taught by every religion and every scripture reiterates the same thing. And this lovely age of 15-19 is the decider years; a career path is chosen now, the mind wanders in every direction, forbidden thus alluring, defies and rebels to toe the line tries to create its own new path of life.  These years are when the youth feels as if He/she rules or can rule the world and they are Lord and Master’s of their own destiny. They want to do everything, but study. They wish to be everywhere but at the study table and God makes it impossible for them to be anywhere but the study table! Their decider years and peer pressure, parents breathing down their neck and the Damocles’ Sword of career hang all the time and the rosy beautiful present is never enjoyed to its fullest because of the gloomy dark future picture which keeps popping up.

The present generation invariably has this grouse of not being able to live their life and most parents are frustrated because even though they, the parents, totally understand their children and their frustrations, they are unable to say or anything to the contrary. The children cannot while away their time because the next 2 years are the defining years, the make or break years! They cannot afford to dream, watch too much TV, sit idle and doodle; all this is a taboo for them. God made it like that; waste your best years and waste your life…or work these 2 years and build your life! These are the foundation years…pass this test and reap the results lifelong! That is precisely why these are the crucial years.

It is like the youthful present is only a frame in which the photos of the future need to be filled, no picture of the present at all apart for hard work and labor. This is the debate which happens in the mind of every youth; the precise reason why God made ‘youth’ as the most defining period of one’s life. Thus youth is a tight rope walk, a fine balance between frolic and seriousness and walking this tight rope successfully to the other end is the key to a successful life ahead. Youth is not to leave anything, rather it has to focus on the priorities and the needless leaves them and there is no pain of ‘letting go’ or losing.

In addition to choosing a career path the ideal youth of tomorrow must also chose a spiritual path to follow alongside his/her career path. Absolute clarity of thought and purpose is imperative before youth can embark on this journey of life.  Life needs two wings, material and spiritual, to be able to reach the pinnacle of its existence and lead a purposeful life. When youth casino choose only the career path, they are embarking on their journey with only one wing; the material wing. They simultaneously need to breathe life into the spiritual wing too; to maintain the balance and allow life to fly smoothly on both the wings. If the youth focuses only on career now and waits for a later date to join the spiritual path then the spiritual wing is yet to take off and the bird will fly online casino at a lower height, struggling and groping for balance.

Most of us, unfortunately, start searching for meaning and purpose of our life in middle age; by then we are so tuned to a materialistic life that bringing the spiritual wing to the same keel is very difficult and unachievable. By the time the other wing touches and we gain some semblance of balance we are too old, tired or worse, dead, without reaching our goal. We are still engrossed in the material worldly mesh and unable to convince ourselves to see more in life than office credentials and bank balances!  The youth of yesterday were taught to focus only on career and bank balances, which bred arrogance and fed their ego. They thought all was within reach without the help or name of the Lord. Middle age came and with it some realization and eye opening also happened; our arrogance to think we could do it on our own when we are young was a wrong notion.  We needed Him more then, than we need him now. So, youth is the time, the right to take off with the help of both wings. The old of today is wiser from falls and scrapes and warns the youth from sheer experience to utilize the time and age propitiously.

Youth can start the journey on both wings and it is a known fact that the material wing, fed and nourished is never able to bring true happiness and success. Whereas the spiritual wing, nourished and looked after helps the material wing to grow too, it does not fly solo.

Lastly, a divine soul has written about a civilized society thus, ‘True civilization is the creation of a society where all individuals strive for personal perfection by aiming at the proper goal. This can only be achieved by bringing balance into our existence, flying like a bird on two wings, the spiritual and material wings, with the two in perfect balance.’