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Know Myself?

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My spiritual Guru mentions in one of his books, “The science of the souls is least explored. The man ignores this priceless richness. The approach to it does not follow the right direction; though knowing oneself well would be the least thing, before trying to penetrate the secrets of the universe. Man is afraid of going to the heart of things. Many of them do not believe in the higher forces weaving the threads of their destiny. They are afraid of this kind of ‘greatness’ and unconsciously they try to escape it. They want to be autonomous, deciding their own life, which they believe they are conducting as they like. They want to know, believing that thus they can earn some power over the elements. By deciding to go and explore other planets, they only let a bad inner instinct of conquest manifest itself. To plant a flag, to dominate, to monopolize a territory and to disturb unscrupulously the established order, that is the ideal that motivates them. Man would like to exercise his powers beyond this planet, the exploration of which has become banal. He has taken control of, ransacked and polluted everything. He does not discover with a view to respecting creation, for him, a virgin territory is a source of profit. His desire for space conquest partakes of this context.”


who am I?

Do I know myself?

I read and reread the above paragraph before I could really begin to assimilate the meaning. I began with a scoff and an expression of disdain challenging my Guru’s words. The more I read the above passage, mulled over it, clearer became the essence and truer each word started to appear to me. The verity of it all sunk and hit me like a ton of bricks. I am practicing meditation the last three years now and every day I am surprised at the extraordinarily simple meaning it gives to everything. All it teaches me is to know myself, something I have pushed in to the back most quarters of my being. What exactly did I have when I was born? And what am I going to take back with me when I die? Who is it that I am really searching for? Did I stop after I found what I was looking for? My answers were very shameful to my own self, I am sad to realize. Let me answer them as they come to me, I came with nothing and I will leave it all behind and only my soul ascends, leaves again in search of a new body or to merge with God, I am unsure, is a known truth. I knew this all along, but I thought, ‘That does not mean I simply sit back and do nothing, I need to study, earn, live a life!’ True? Again my heart said, ‘True, of course you are not supposed to sit back, you did not either, you finished studies, you worked and you also have , and are still leading a good life! Correct?’ I involuntarily nodded, correct. So, the next question that popped up is, ‘now what? You have been doing the same thing for the last 20 years or so, so where are you on your online casino journey of life? Are you happy?’ This was a tough one to answer candidly, I mean, of course I am happy! But where am I? What next? I am not so sure. In fact where am I in comparison to my yesterday, as a human being, a person, an individual? My conscious self had no answer. Have I progressed on the road to life, in retrospect, ‘No, I am actually leading a meaningless life on a daily basis without really going anywhere.’

From the day I joined meditation I realized my true goal to be as ‘Knowing myself and becoming one with the one inside me’ So, forget the past, at least the last three years could I honestly say I am walking towards my goal? Do I know myself better than what I knew or more than what I knew before? Again, sadly, my heart shook its head negatively. Partially I am more aware, but me, my real self is still locked up in the small corner of my heart, unknown, waiting and maybe breathing its last out of starvation and negligence! Everything and everyone else is still occupying the major seat of the heart and I am yet to give myself back to the one who created me! What a shame and what gross ingratitude! I still make excuses to follow the simple steps laid out in our system. I am still embroiled in the material, perceivable world. It is a simple path yet so difficult to follow! My real self has become mute and deaf with the clamor on the outside.

I know I have to nourish my soul and give my heart to the soul in its entirety; I am only returning what rightfully belonged to the soul always. Procrastination is all that I am doing for the last three years. Whatever I am earning in the material world is no food for my soul; it is staying here, in the material world. My soul came bare and I covered it with layers and layers of thoughts and bondages. When the time to go comes the soul may have long gone and I will still be foolishly feeding and dressing the external self. It is time to really awaken, not just wake up, and know my real self and become like the self that created me. Wish me luck please.

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